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The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice by Paige W. Pendleton

The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice - Paige W. Pendleton, Thomas Block




I was given a copy of this book on kindle in return for an honest review.

I was very pleased when I started The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice that it was just as fast paced and easy to get into as the first book. In fact, this book has much more action and a lot more going on than in the first book. Straight away, the mystery surrounding the Alabaster Chalice intrigued me, and I found myself feeling much more involved in this book rather than the first.

To be honest the whole plotline of The Keeper and the Alabaster was much more interesting, but it would have been nothing without my favourite characters - Gunnr and Eleanor. It was sweet how they both looked out for each other and I absolutely love their conversations. And Gunnr and Camedon help Eleanor to find out more about her powers, which was one of the highlights of the book for me because it was just so damn cool. As well as that, its nice to find another strong female character that stands up for herself.
Mary Sues are so 2012.

There are also several delightful new characters, including a dragon called Nob (yes, i admit to giggling a little bit at the name at first, but he actually does turn out to be fairly scary) and a seal called Seaton that I couldn't help but get a slightly British feel from...

And finally I would just like to add that as well as an engaging story, there were a few charming drawings of some of the scenes/characters, drawn by Thomas Block, which really did bring the story to life.

I will definitely be waiting eagerly when book 3 is released. 



The Keeper and the Rune Stone (The Black Ledge Series #1) by Paige W. Pendleton

The Keeper and the Rune Stone (The Black Ledge Series, #1) - Paige W. Pendleton, Thomas Block



I was given a copy of this book on kindle by the author in return for an honest review.

I love how the cover actually relates to the book, and how mysterious it is (the colours really go with the colour scheme of the blog - its as if I was meant to read this book... xD)! The detailed map at the start of The Keeper and the Rune Stone was another element that made the book much more unique than others i`ve read - it helped that it was pretty as well!

Right from the start The Keeper and the Rune Stone was very easy to get in to, as it was very fast paced. And, although it is not something I would usually pick up, I was sucked into the fascinating world of Dwarves Light Elves and Dark Elves (and those are just a few of the beings in the book!).

It was certainly a nice change to read about such interesting creatures, as not many fantasy novels out there at the moment include beings like Elves or Dwarves.
I especially loved Ms Pendleton`s take on vampires, instead calling them Noctivagi - boy is that hard to pronounce - Elves that performed a ritual, which involved drinking the blood of a sacrifice or two....

Which leads me on to my next point. I expected, after reading around 50 %, The Keeper and the Rune Stone to be very, very tame in the violence department. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by how dark things got near the end of the book.

My favorite characters were definitely Gunnr because he was so mysterious and Camedon with his strange yet hilarious sense of humor. However, although the book is from the four siblings point of view, they do seem a bit too mature to be children, but I still loved Eleanor.


Although The Black Ledge series seems to be aimed at children, I would recommend it to everyone!




The Originals by Cat Patrick

The Originals - Cat Patrick




That cover is absolutely terrifying. Its really pretty (and interesting, seriously, I cant stop staring at it), but still... so scary.Thank you for the nightmares cover.
Also, I know the three girls on the cover are supposed to be the "triplets" Lizzie, Betsey and Ella, but (to me anyway) they look nothing alike. Its a silly thing to point out but it was just nagging at me throughout the whole book.

I was unsure about reading this at first , even though I have read Cat Patrick's other books, (Revived and Forgotten), and really love her writing style - its so comfy and easy to get in to. I guess it was just the idea of clones that freaked me out.
And the description of the love interest in the blurb, of course. "...a guy who can see into her very soul..." Yeah, because that's not cheesy at all. 

Lizzie, Betsey and Ella were all likable characters, and I enjoyed reading about all of them, but Lizzie is still my favorite!

Sean annoyed me for some reason. Maybe he was just too perfect. Even his name Sean Kelly *shudders*. But, hey, if you like the good, wholesome, perfect love interest, then you will love him.

A light romance book, with a hint of science fiction.
I would suggest that if you enjoyed Cat Patrick's other books, then try this one as well.
I can totally imagine all of her main characters meeting up in a book!




Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky #2) by Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi




The start of Through the Ever Night drew me in immediately, as it started almost exactly where Under the Never sky ended. However after the beginning, it took me a while to get into again. I found a big chunk of this book very dull, and there wasn't very much action.
I understand that there cant be action on every page, there has to be balance, but it was just SO SLOW. 
Of course, there has to be a (short and verbal) fight over Perry between Aria and Brooke
So that made me want to scream as well. 
Also, if you were confused about Aether, and what the hell it is, in the last book, then fear not, because it is explained a little bit. I mean, I still don't understand it, but maybe i'm just...slow. 
Don`t worry though, it does pick up again (hooray)! Just when I was starting to want to punch Perry (who am I kidding, I always want to punch Perry) ... something happened! I wont say what, because I don't want to ruin the book, but it was very exciting! 
To be honest, I was already sick of Perry and Aria`s relationship by the first page of Through the Ever Night,  I just find them so unrealistic, and Perry really creepy, so I was pleased that Aria starts to take matters into her own hands...
Thankfully, Roar was still a main character in this book, because he is amazing! I know iIshouldn't, but I am secretly hoping that Roar and Aria will get together...somehow. I cant help it, i'm just that much of a rebel!

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1) by Veronica Rossi

Under The Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi




I was reluctant at first to read this, despite the many positive reviews of it on Goodreads, partly because it sounded a bit... samey, with all the other dystopian novels going around at the moment and partly because Kami Garcia, co-author of  Beautiful Creatures (which I hated), liked it.

But in the end i was convinced to read to this by three things: the beautiful cover, the cool title and the fact that i could borrow it from my friend who assured me it wasn't "that bad".

The first 60 pages alone made me want to stop reading. Aria was annoying. Perry was annoying. Talon was annoying.You get the gist of it. But then it just stopped - well, kind of, i still find Perry extremely irritating but i just had no opinion on Aria. I didn't like her, or hate her. She was just there.




There was action, romance and... cannibals.

Whether you liked this book or hated it, the ending will almost certainly make you want to read the next book.


Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Onyx  - Jennifer L. Armentrout




Yet another cover that I just don't like. However it is a... nice shade of purple...
Onyx picks up pretty much exactly where Obsidian left off - Katy is still amazing and Daemon is still very hot  
Miss Armentrout really did out do herself with Onyx, she had me laughing - out loud! I know, I know, calm yourself. Your thinking to yourself; there is no way that Onyx is better than Obsidian. There is no way that Onyx can be funnier than Obsidian or that I will magically start shipping Daemon with Katy, because, lets face it, he really is quite a douche and a jerk and a big smell poo and Katy deserves better *cries*.

Calms self.

The only way I can think to describe it is that everything just gets... so much better. And it was during Onyx that I really did start to LOVE Daemon and Katy together.
Sure their weird on-off not really a relationship relationship was frustrating, but I kind of loved it

To be honest the only thing that stopped me giving this book 5 stars was the angst. Maybe it was because I love this book so much, but I cant believe it took me reading Onyx for the third time to realize how much angst there is in this series.No joke.




Don't worry though, near the end of the book there is a very sudden plot twist, which I did not see coming, which really helped Miss Armentrout redeem herself.




So that really bumped up the number of stars I gave Onyx (as well as the brief mention of Dean Winchester. Mmm Dean Winchester).
If you enjoyed Obsidian then definitely read Onyx.  



Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee

Angelfall  - Susan Ee



I love this book so much that i have three copies - two in paperback, and the other on my kindle, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I remember when this was just a 77 p book on kindle, now it is sold in paperback with a potential movie on the way. I feel like a proud mother.
The start reminded me a little bit of The Hunger Games - a girl trying to save her younger sister - which is part of the reason why I bought it. And it didn't disappoint. After just the first few pages I was sucked in. I've found with a lot of dystopian books that they're either quite confusing because the author doesn't explain it very much in terms of world building, or they explain it too much and I get bored. But with Angelfall that wasn't the case.
Whether you prefer paranormal romance or science fiction, this book really does have the whole package. There is plenty of action to keep you interested, just a hint of romance (for now) and big dollop of comedy as well! Seriously, this book actually made me laugh out loud so many times, and I hardly ever laugh at books.
The main characters were great as well. Penryn was no Mary-Sue and was witty and a bit of a badass, while Raffe was confident and funny, but not in an annoying, cocky way. 
What I loved the most about this book was is that I got to see Penryn and Raffe’s relationship progress over the book, seeing them slowly turn from being tense allies to friends. Don`t worry, you won’t get any of the stupid insta-love that many YA books have nowadays. Penryn and Raffe’s relationship seems so real, that by the end you can’t help but root for them!
Definitely the easiest 5 stars I have ever given.

Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi


I spent absolutely AGES looking for a certain copy of this book. For some reason, they don't sell Shatter Me in UK bookshops, well not in any of the ones I checked. And then when I realized I could just buy it on Amazon, they didn't have the beautiful book cover they use in America. Look at it! Look at it in all of its amazing-ness (yes, that is a word now)! 



Seriously, the UK cover is a hint about how obsessed Juliette is over eyes. If I were to go back and check, I bet that at least half the book would be about how wonderful Adam`s eyes are.

However, I was pleasantly surprised over how much I enjoyed this book. Considering how many negative reviews I had seen about Shatter Me , mainly about the writing style, I didn't really expect to enjoy it so much. Don`t get me wrong, there were so many random metaphors and similes where I was like:



But I tried to ignore the really weird ones, and read on. 

Be warned! If you do not like romance, and are hoping for a dystopian/science fiction book, then do not read this. Sure, it is classed as a dystopian, but it is more of a romance book. 
On that note; Team Warner!


Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian  - Jennifer L. Armentrout


Can I just start by saying that I feel like the only person who doesn't like the cover? I mean, the background is nice, but the guy just creeps me out a little bit... Sorry!

Yay, its in first person! I found Obsidian very easy to get into and i immediately loved Katy because she always stood up for herself and was hilarious at the same time - and she blogs about books! SHE UNDERSTANDS!




Enter Daemon. Whenever I was reading Daemon`s conversations, I ended up doing one of three things: cringing, laughing or wanting to punch him in the face. I know that the whole point of Daemon was that he was supposed to be a "bad boy" type guy but... gah! He could be so annoying (yet funny), and treated Katy like crap most of the time!




I was starting to hate Daemon, but he redeemed himself at the end of the book. I really loved the second half of the book, as there was a lot more action, and the "Katy and Daemon" ending was brilliant... 

I guess Obsidian is supposed to be science fiction, what with it being about aliens and all, but i found that the main focus of the book was the romance between Katy and Daemon. So if you don't like romance, then this book probably isn't for you.