Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1) by Veronica Rossi

Under The Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi




I was reluctant at first to read this, despite the many positive reviews of it on Goodreads, partly because it sounded a bit... samey, with all the other dystopian novels going around at the moment and partly because Kami Garcia, co-author of  Beautiful Creatures (which I hated), liked it.

But in the end i was convinced to read to this by three things: the beautiful cover, the cool title and the fact that i could borrow it from my friend who assured me it wasn't "that bad".

The first 60 pages alone made me want to stop reading. Aria was annoying. Perry was annoying. Talon was annoying.You get the gist of it. But then it just stopped - well, kind of, i still find Perry extremely irritating but i just had no opinion on Aria. I didn't like her, or hate her. She was just there.




There was action, romance and... cannibals.

Whether you liked this book or hated it, the ending will almost certainly make you want to read the next book.

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