The Originals by Cat Patrick

The Originals - Cat Patrick




That cover is absolutely terrifying. Its really pretty (and interesting, seriously, I cant stop staring at it), but still... so scary.Thank you for the nightmares cover.
Also, I know the three girls on the cover are supposed to be the "triplets" Lizzie, Betsey and Ella, but (to me anyway) they look nothing alike. Its a silly thing to point out but it was just nagging at me throughout the whole book.

I was unsure about reading this at first , even though I have read Cat Patrick's other books, (Revived and Forgotten), and really love her writing style - its so comfy and easy to get in to. I guess it was just the idea of clones that freaked me out.
And the description of the love interest in the blurb, of course. "...a guy who can see into her very soul..." Yeah, because that's not cheesy at all. 

Lizzie, Betsey and Ella were all likable characters, and I enjoyed reading about all of them, but Lizzie is still my favorite!

Sean annoyed me for some reason. Maybe he was just too perfect. Even his name Sean Kelly *shudders*. But, hey, if you like the good, wholesome, perfect love interest, then you will love him.

A light romance book, with a hint of science fiction.
I would suggest that if you enjoyed Cat Patrick's other books, then try this one as well.
I can totally imagine all of her main characters meeting up in a book!